NI Multisim (formerly known as Electronic Workbench) – an ideal environment for electronic circuit design and SPICE simulation.

With NI Multisim, you can create electronic circuits from scratch. You will have all the ingredients on hand, which allows you to simulate and analizowaćPraca in each section. In this publication for educational institutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers.

NI Multisim has a large elektronnyhKomponenty base, has ditetapkanSkemato support the spice and simulation module VHDLUkłady RF printed circuit boards and other features of the generator. Because everything is done in an integrated environment that is simple, however, students and electronic starter becomes easier to understand, especially when it comes to the more abstract concepts.

wyjątkiemPonadto with NI Multisim allows you to upload additional modules for each process. For example, programming a microcontroller with ASM or C. Multisim takzhePodhodyaschyuntukdetects errors, you should check the behavior of the design and prototyping. All of this can uzyskaćbez depth knowledge of spices, which is a big plus.

NI Multisim – a perfect environment to design, analyze and create electronic circuits. Strong, an indispensable tool for electronic engineers and technicians.


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