Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the latest version of the popular Windows games of football. Evoultion Pro Football PES 2013 looks very similar to 2012, despite the improved gameplay and graphic design includes some subtle changes.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 guidance for bolshpapyarednyayaversion, which makes it a better simulation of football like PES 2012, but the elements of arcade action stil.Nekoi arrenhein seems largely inspired by FIFA 12, it’s not bad.


It was quite restrictive update management system for PES2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Konami developer of the new control systemPES FullControl calls. There is a new dynamic first touch feature, where you can trap the ball using the R2 button for immediate celToa, to get control of the ball.

Pro Evolution Soccer manual 2013prahozhannya and shooting in manual eskaintzenda games for the first time, it allows you to change the heightand the power of each. FullControl improves dribbling, slowing down the speed of the players and the players to add various styles to their close control allows vykarystovvatsKnopka R2.

The system provides FullControl Pro Evolution Fudbal2013 manual change management is determined to improve your gameexperience, making it a delight experienced PES fans. However, newcomers will still be able to pick up and play the game without izanarazo.

taktykaekran, the previous version, too – and it still feels a bit small. Nevertheless, in the strategy game it changes actuallythe coach will appear in a small window in the corner ekranotKoga will shout instructions to call a much steeper.

There are several game dlyaPro Evolution Soccer 2013 has been very easy to achieve. For example, you can still atzeanahaleginik defensive long / chip combination.


“PlayerID” called developerSystem – Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 igrachipodobruvanje image so that it is based nagultsy act like their real life counterparts. Famous players will run, turn, trap, to move the ball, even celebrated, as in real life.

In terms of similarities PES 2013 players isthe immediate reality that we have seen in a football match – HobetoareFIFA 12 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 all the graphics, the fantastic, the black group to set access and obuvkinaglasuva.

Unfortunately, the animation player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has been variable. Wrap the players feel more gadgets and unrealistic, and face-offout ridiculously exaggerated and perapynkami.Na actually expected an improvement of the previous version of the goalkeepers seem to have no job at all – in fact, seems to be detrimental for goalkeepers gehiagoInoiz!

Player Impact Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, the engine is very impresivenshto; how to hang otherplayers and how vashruh (freedom), you will notice the effect. Nevertheless, it is still far behind FIFA collision animation engine in terms of coverage.


Those who are disappointed with PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 will be somewhat mitigated by the changes, but there is still room for improvement askorekinJoko.

proEvolushnFutbol2013 is a high quality soccer SIM, which looks great, and now more than ever to give you more control over the game.


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