Name: Echo Tokyo: Introduction

Genre: nudity, violence, adventure, rest, Indie

Manufacturer: Dharker Studio

Publisher: Dharker Studio

Date of publication: January 27, 2016

About this game

Echo Tokyo: Entering a mini-game that acts as an introduction to the world of Echo Tokyo and its people.

In two graphic novels,Who talk about the history of some of the main characters of the city.

Currently, the game includes the following elements:

Origin History Shizume na – interactivehrafikyRoman

– Acting with a full voice.

Origins Keiji Story – Kinetic graphic novel.

– Includes fullVoice acting.

About Echo Tokyo:

The echoes of Tokyo is the last stronghold of humanity.

The main fog made the level of the street uninhabitable.

Hundreds of years to build bridges between skyscrapers and Echo platforms Tokyo lives later to create a new city in the sky.

This type of cyber-city, thereforeCan not work without government or law, where the company rule and order is that people roblyattse for themselves.

Shizume Misaki – Origin

The first graphic novel of the story provides Shizume Misaki, this fully expressed interactive graphic novel tells the story, likeSieFixer begins echoing in Tokyo.

They say that the fitter will continue until any work is correct than the price. While many act as private investigators in the first place, many others do every job to pay rent.

What is his first bigShizumeArbeitsplätze, when she visited the most dangerous zone of the Slum.

Tseistoriya includes more than 5,000 words of pronunciations.

In addition to the 80 images to display in the database, NON is blocked.

Keiji Light – Origin

The second graphic novel of the story Keiji light, expressed a complete kinetic graphicNovel, we learn about the origins and Keiji were tested in the slums. In addition, he was in good shape and humiliated after abducting and experimenting, so that when she is.

This story contains more than 5000 words of the pronunciation of strings.

Additional 80 University of zakryvayetsyaIlyustratsiyiView in the database.

System requirements


Operating System: Windows XP

Processor: Ghz

RAM: 1 GB of RAM

Graphics: DirectX compatible card

Storage: 450 MB of free space


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