Ua reduces order on the desk and surfaces surround adjustable desktop, which organizes functions into logical groups for quick access. More than 5 million users worldwide rely on daily fences to keep their PC desktops arranged for quick access and easyplant to output additional files. Fences now set the new features frequently used folders to be visible and organized on the desktop to create a wall of each folder. Fences Options forThe adjustment directly symbols in a place mteulefenced areas edinnovi. Save it, just double-click on all categories fence reveals hidden to the desktop to hide or show.

Key Features:

Create shaded areas to organize your desktop

Double-click Hide or Show Desktop Icons

Determine rules for your desktop icons

Swipe between several sides of the court

Create portal from any desktop folder.


unpackingAnd install

To be enabled by case test version case

Repeat this process ednaza 1 month



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