There are two versions of the software SmadAV 2016. There is a free version that has few tools and requires you to manually update the virus database. Pro version has six extra features, one of which is the automatic update.

2016Ekstra version of the 220 including the virus in its database

Smadav virus checker 2016 is different from the others, because they do not claim to be a great solution for viruses and malware. developers recommend using nivnitesoftverlainnyaprogram with anti-virus to make sure you havefull protection. This tool is used only 5MB of memory and less than 1per percent of the CPU (central processing unit) of electricity. SmadAV, also has a feature that stops the program infect your computer from your USB port. 2016 Updatemembuat tools to quickly open than ever before.

Download a free version of English

Despite the fact that it was built in 2016 Smadav Indonesian version postoiAngliska. This tool has idadiili inhibit the function of your computer is infected or damaged. It identifies problemsand even eliminate the problem you can fix registry changes that the virus or malware can leave.


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