On the last day of the year, small high school English teacher Andy Campbell tried all out to do it together in the middle of senior pranks, dysfunctional administration and budget cuts as busy working on the game. But things go from bad to worseas he crossed tighter accident and feared his partner Ron Strickland, who challenged Campbell quit the old school. news spread like wildfire and the games uiteindelikdie a thing at school, and Campbell needed.

In the last denlitni vacation, high school teacher tried to Andy Campbellstruggling to cut them in the middle of senior pranks, dysfunctional Management and Budget, which continues to threaten his job. Things are going from bad to worse as he crossed Ron Strickland, a teacher of the toughest and most feared. When Strickland was released, he threwcall Campbell fight after school. As the news spread like fire confrontation Bad Andy desperately seeking a way out of date certain death.

Fist Fight 2017


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