Fokit Reader is lightweight and lightning tool for reading PDF files. PDF (Portable Document Format) is now one of the formats of the ubiquitous documents on the Internet. The problem is that Adobe Reader is big and slow.

Fokit Reader, on the other hand is light and quick. The proof is in the pudding to start – sravnenieinstalatsionenfile of just 12MB against Acrobat’s more than 320MB and you can see why it opens documents currently Fokit reader. The key is to Fokit Readerhoef all those annoying splash-up screens, endless credits lists and plugins.

Fokit Reader interface is designed with ease of izpolzvanev mind. haveseveral bars at your disposal, you can show or hide on your desires and it gives you access to all the available utilities: zoom, select text, photo image search tool, rotation or full screen, among others. There is a slight right oglasgornjikorner,but you can disable it by going to the Tools menu options and deselecterendie for advertising.

An added bonus in Fokit Reader is that PDF documents by showing the brand in various ways that text fragments, they stress attack them or even comment.

If you want damalak, fast,stable and functional alternative to Adobe Reader, you gledajdalje Fokit Reader is what you need.


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