MEMU simulates earlier versions of the Android operating system (Lollipop and KitKat, with more on the way). It does this in other desktop operating systems so that you can run applications and games that are exclusive to Android on other devices. You can also tinker withmost Android environmentget feel for how it works, or test works as a programmer.

Emulation, but can not be used

Note that as Android emulator, MEMU not an appropriate choice for some ihor.Napryklad, although it can work Pokmon GO (asyour own web site advertising) desktop no GPS(Or mobility) should actually walk around and catch Pokemon. Instead, you have to compensate with GPS counterfeit software, which (as often happens) it is against the rules. With this understanding, though, MEMU works fine. It simulates the latest version of Android, andcomputer that can handle the task emulation can simultaneously play games and run other programs.

rozrobnykivi customer

For some purposes, MEMU not replacephone. but if all you need to play the game or have some special features android application is, you can dothis from your desktop. It is also a great tool for small application developers. If you want to run Android on your desktop here.


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