The costume worn pair of children’s portfolio bearing his brother seven years to stop collusion General Director Puppy Co.

effects arrival of a new baby in the family, told from the perspective of a completely unreliable narrator – wildly imaginative seven-year-old named Tim. niezwykłeBoss most children(Alek Bolduin) Tim comes home in a taxi in a suit and with a briefcase. While the rivalry between the soon to be postponed when Tim discovers that the child naspravdisakretsemisii spy chief and only he can help thwart the insidious plot, which includes eposubitwa puppies and children.

Boss BabyaSeven-year-old boy was jealous of his suit with a briefcase brother on a mission to return the favor of their parents. When he learns of a plot of land Co. CEO puppy, revolving around his brother as powinnizjednoczyć save their father and restore order to the world.



zahalnyyData release: 30 March 2017

Genre: Animation

Duration: Not available

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Cast: Kevin Alek Bolduin Speysi, Will Arnett

Director: Tom Makgrat

Format: 2D

Funny universal story about how the impact of the arrival of a new family of Babys, told from the point of view completelyunreliable narrator, wildly imaginative seven years under the name Tim.

The Boss Baby 2017


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