Microsoft .NET is a special platform for developers to create new applications for Windows.

Microsoft .NET Framevork 4 has all the ingredients necessary for development and .NET-based applications to run on your computer: Libraries, procedures, tools and items inneważnymi.

Framevork Microsoft .NET 4 is the latest development version of the platform, such as HTML and CSS, support for multi-touchUpravljanje also optimized to work with the Windows 7 SDK as a way to important new featuresdituAzala collect, the more debugowaniai improvements.

With Microsoft .NET Framevork Framevork 4 .NET platform to develop applications that can run in the final.

NET Framevork the world’s leading software maker Microsoft free allows users to network and desktop applications for Windows Mobile devices mobilnychktóre, running computers and servers are designed to work, and, moreover, is not included in Visual Studio. Applications razvijeneo framework daitekemilioi get a customer for almost a quarterglobal customers to Windows devices, such as desktop, mobile, surface center, Holo across a wide range of lenses and an Xbox.

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NET Framevork consistent and comprehensive program that Microsoft’s model for secure communications and to create a variety of applications is the ability to simulate procesówokołobiznesowych. The outlet center offers a major improvement, such as the way (Common Language Runtime) and (base class library) Key plc, gisamemoria new mapped fileand numeric types, a number of exciting innovations in both Visual Basic and C # programming and service-system multi-touch control WindowsFunkcjonalność band is ektension taskbar properties and functions of the touch surface in FK. VFC framework of essential services, and user representation State Transfer (REST) ​​component facilitates the creation of data-based services and applications that koristeJavniProtokoły (O data) daagerian and receive data from the network.

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Today, there are a total of 5 repeats the frame, and in particular NET NET Framevork Framevork 4 SP1 (SP1), which is the iteration dodatkiemService later are supported. Framevork NET version of SP2 (Service Pack 2) is supported, then the Framevork NET, at the same time, support for SP1 and SP1 is also supported .NETOkvir. It is possible to install multiple versions of .NET, and there is the same machine, not tracącfunkcjonalność. In most cases, you can use the latest iteration of the frameYou can build applications to run older versions of .NET. I do Framevork 4 automatically thrust forward, the old pre-installed applications. These applications require specjalnegoNET Framevork ciljanjeda to be installed, developer awards delivery configuration, and this file is run NET version 4 Framevork.

In short, more and more programs Updatewymaga erabiliesparru and Windows users, the latest version, so that developers and usersIt should be common. From time to time, causing problems for a user installation, updates can be installed. Repair tool that is available for Microsoft .NET Framework can keep darmoPobieranie is fully optimized, and completely unable to keep up with digital and internet developers and Windows users with the crazy life.


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