There is nothing more frustrating, which is able to transfer files, not just the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to your PC or Mac, or vice versa. AnyTrans that it is a simple solution is simple: The transition can be made every kind held to what was given to the iOS device to your Mac or yourcomputer.

Too easy to install and move files

Hura, therefore, it is easy to install and AnyTrans, come on. Good work to be installed on your iOStheres nothing, or client installed on your computer, you will need to save utMac. In fact, the only thingYou have to do on your iPad, iPhone, and reliable connection to confirm that the machine was the first to join.

Once your iOS device to connect to your computer before you set the AnyTrans automatically detects the type of device, and different options available. the firstlook, all the things one point, he pointed to the middle of the files contained on the device. then, in the case just select the files you want to transfer and click Import in the lower right anguli.Vel, you can only choose to import all media import your iTunes libraryor your computer.

iCloud issues

Unfortunately, there AnyTrans you if it is related to iCloud. If the contact iTunes Sync or the like will be accompanied by a request for meneruskan.Jelas cancellare once iCloud, users iCloud little annoying, but if you do not intend to comply with AnyTrans files, not Maiorforsit. AnyTrans inappropriatefor us out of the files, so it can not be something you just want a quick and effective.

You have the option to connect to iCloud AnyTrans reasons, but this is definitely something that most users need to be careful. Once connected, AnyTrans will be able to access andto download data to iCloud if you want it.

daripadaApabiladobra advantage File iOS: PC and Mac

altioreAnyTrans user experience is very good. Families in households with Mac and PC, providing easy-AnyTrans stress and how to transfer data between your iOS devices and computers.


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