Rainbow Sik: The siege of the classic tactics of the popular game counterterrorism Ubisoft, which offers the first multiplayer shooting game in the style of Counter-strike.

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In addition to the creation of FPS games, Ubisoft has three main goals: the development of Rainbow siege, teamwork, tacticsand tensions.

nastrogi mapamasa destructive environments Each round rainbow Sik: The siege has the same basic Formula One team fight against terrorism, which is trying to prevent terrorist team (or at least that’s what they call them, they are, in fact, another team of opportunities for special operationsDefense). although piecioprocentovaakcija provides sustainability, but their goals are different classes. This leads to an asymmetrical game that allows each team to guess.

zahtijevaOn identified by both sides to improve their tactics, he sees that before each class znakovViposazićround. As an added layer in this planiranjenapad previously, this is the stage at which Rainbow Sik: these can play area, to plan the attack, while others improved his defense team

So, teamwork and tactics are covered, but the tension is difficult to short circuit. forlucky: UbisoftOna has very clear ideas on how to achieve this tretastolb development.

Plan and attack

JestCzas a single match. The most important seems short struggle, and against a team multiplayer game takes only three minutes round.

Asymmetric game is also designed to hit. For example, beta,if the team had Rainbovspašavanje hostage doma.Ne knowing the city hostage, but knowing that time is tight, they must apply their surveillance techniques to identify the hostages. Until that happens, the terrorists can protect doors, walls and strengthencover-ups, which slow down the attack.

To compensate for the lack of knowledge teams. The fight against terrorism, Folders small high verticality. This allows multiple entry points that reflect the window, which can be mitigated and the walls that can be destroyedto create a new invisible route to your destination.

To follow multiplayer, players can waves of terrorists in terrorist rezhimlov. See if your team rozbroićBombi while trying to swim in the waves of terrorists who are trying to stop you.


krozRazličitesettings of difficulty modes, including realistic option that will kill with one blow – Rainbow Sik: Siege Online offers hours and hours of fun outfits darning. Make sure you have a friend with whom you play, because this is a game where it is important for the success of communication.


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