Ever wanted to use WhatsApp on your PC or mobile games on your desktop? YouWave is an application that emulates the Android operating system on your computer.

Do YouWave do?

Like Bluestacks App Player or Andy OS, YouWave allows you to try Android applications and games on your PC soallowing you to clearly see how merekaakan see and play on your phone.

YouWave not support the latest version of Android KitKat, tetapisebaliknyaproponuyuchy Android Ice Cream Sandwich version of the home. It includes a feature SD-Card (shared folders between your computer and a virtual machine), supportmultiplayer online games, rotating and dynamic volume button.

To install from YouWave

secaradefault, YouWave including native applications Android, such as music, browser settings, and many lagi.aplikasi settings can be made via Google Play (which itselfyou need to install before you begin) or by downloading taustanovka APK. This process is not as easy as it can, and it is certainly more difficult than in BlueStacks.

Interface YouWave feel very old and the design of the control panel is a bit clumsy.

Apakahitu possible?

on a practicallevel, although some minor stability issues, YouWave work properly. This allows external applications to download and come face Androidantara fine on the phone, although some programs do not work properly, if at all, especially if vonyrozrobleno for the new version of Android.

YouWaveAndroid give fans the opportunity to try their PC environments aplikasipada Android interface design


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