MiniLyrics music player plug-in displays the lyrics to your favorite songs during playback.


Singing your favorite songs aloud małychprzyjemności one of them is life, especially when no one is around to see you. But, of course you’re trying to use the words of the song you know. Fortunately, this is something that you can easily find with MiniLyrics.

How does it work?

MiniLyricsJest a plug, which is one of the most-base daukatestuak impressive, the majority of usersThey never happen even if intrusive MP3 collectors.

At the same time, it was launched almost any music player you can think of, in tymiTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player with. Then press the play button and the program will automatically search on the basis of the information provided on the label is the text of the song file.


testówMiniLyrics testuakjarraitzeko individual pieces found in the English, Spanish, German, Italian and even Japanese songs, among others. In addition, someIn all cases, MiniLyrics find the correct letters, less than 30 seconds to download and display. Mp3 files that you can program to the letter and the iPod Touch or iPhone to see nawetzapisywać. On the downside, MiniLyrics a nag window every time you run idruga Registration reminder with a letter displayed at the top of each file. This music fanatics price daZiurrenik obache.MiniLyrics gotowyzapłacić What is your favorite music to sing excellent for music lovers who want to know aboutIt’s a plugin.


Fixed: Failed to download the text of the problem when using the iPod.

Fixed: Crash problem now open to some specific provisions.


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