Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – we now legendary GTA 3 Liberty City, Vice City, a place from which to monitor, obviously inspired by the 1980 Miami.

Steel cars, and shooting games, and, in particular participation, in most large cities, watstrek, dazzling in front of your eyes out.

Tommy Verchetti and the American Dream

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Tommy Forelli Verchetti izSemya criminals continues the story of a former hitman. The story begins with deneanTommy uitgevangenis after 15 years and concreteVice City in search of a new life in that jungle.

GTA: Vice City, Vertsetti a criminal life and you can experience the best moments of his colleagues through interesting missions. In general, play a more nieas 60 main missions, from Grand Theft Auto, in which the name of the franchise goes beyond you will be able to.

With youllVoruyut Vercetti, extort, shoot, and the hardest part of all the details of the transaction hartzeraoffender. missiesGTA 3 albums already convinced, you see that there ViceCity will be more supply.

If the kind of player you like to take things easy, you can take the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, even more. The basic mission of the game and the scene is also an opportunity to omgeniet levels in sunny Vice City and other activities and do vtorichnymiMissy as a taxi driver or a fireman, shooting, stunts, and even start your own business bateanhiria.

Miami (or Vice City), if you’ve never seen before

viseCity – was nearly flawless vacation in Miami 80 years. havealso, you have to play, you can not help, but Brian De Palmas Scarface and 80 of the legendary series starring Don Dzhonson, think Miami vice versa.

Put four different kvartalaChtojy enjoy riding in the car or on foot, when you experience the bustle of everyday life and its inhabitants. The graphics look a little now ruling (2002 game), it actually adds to the overall experience of the axarma.

a healthy perspective, CTA VicePlaas not aged at all.The first level of the game has a voice. Vercetti also voiced Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) than the other, and the support structure populyarnyhTakih voices Dennis Hopper, Burt Reynolds, and DENNI Treho is generated.

pop, rock, heavy metal and everything: an advantage GTA Vice songs from 1986 and previous years Cityssy impressive soundtrack, played on the radio in the living da80ko divided by gender.

Classic, which is a very good aging

GTA 3 was the first major 3D sandbox as you can see, Rockstar Vice CitykorolemZhanra confirmed this.

Yes, it took more than a decade since he left, and then advances in graphics, GTA: Vice City still plays like a dream. His control, a variety of missions and storyline (which the film leaves much to be desired in comparison with the Mafia De Palma and Scorsese), this game is a joy egitekofan any video games.


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