NBA 2K16 continues to bring us, year after year, the true basketball experience. But apart from their teams, the new generation of graphics and a lot of ways, including the popular simulator basketball is famous for something else: a new work mode. Is this what to expect?

NBA experience sought

Sometimes targeting NBA 2K upgrade their graphics and gaming capabilities, more toleo2K16: przeformułowanieTryb my work.

In a repetition of last year to start the project and to employment lossand NBA teams, but thisyear 2K Sports took a lot more, keeping shoes university student, who had begun to notice universities and project-like, already reported to be NBA legend.

Now, do you think, that you have to play a full year in the NCAA college basketball (maybe), but look likely to przynajmniejBiorąc summarized in four games by applicable law.

2K Sports will not only mean that this was more professional, but also want to keep track of the player in his life everyday. A pleasant surprise, because the work situation leadsSpike Lee, you find yourself in unimaginable series of events.

The anzakama son of a poor family of African Americans forget the twin districts, which uczyKoszykówka. You will also come across a lot of scenes in the film his parents, saying what a good boy, of course, not to mention how much sacrifice. Topics that if you have a game face scan or choose a different tribe, can meet absolutely amazing. You can always reject it as a fluke of genetics,but this can lead to sleeplessness.

ingawaczkawków these,my job is still the best mode and new ideas, even if it would zrobiłMiło was offset by the heroes of history. You’ll at least have the opportunity to make important business decisions in the course of its history. Plus receive with the actual experience of the players who provide support during your adventure. How would you like Stephen Curry was your mentor?

Although the new mode in NBA 2K16 My Kazibora, make sure that the games 2K Gamesdoes not rest on laurachInne modes. You will find my team, as FIFA 16Ultimate Team, but basketball. And of course you can just play regular games for fun or experiment with many ways online.

As for the team, not just get naturally from NBA teams, but also get 12 classic teams such as Dallas and Portland Trail Blazers Mavericks2003 in 2000 as an extra. European basketball fans also did not leave, you will find the 25 teams from the Euroleague, which wealready seen in NBA 2k15.

Immaculate again

2K Sports continues to try to fix the NBA 2K, and in this issue you will find twonew and interesting changes. On the one hand, the “power” of the defense and the ability to attack is supported by mojakifungo, which makes both methods are intuitive.

On the other hand, if they hold one of the keys, you will see signs koszykówkiPokazując possible changes with the movement of some players (arrest). This enables the player to visualize exhibitionAll possible and draw interesting records.

It would be ridiculous if we did not have issues zilizotajwawa diagram of NBA 2K16. 2K Sports brings againto the special court and the incredible facial animation for players who may not be entirely true, what we’ve seen in a sports game. Although we want wspomniećTo is most remarkable for the Xbox 720 and PS4; This year, he threw the ball a little bit by using the “port” PC.

Turns NBA season

NBA 2K16 again shows that it is for the fans kabisainahitajikabasketball simulations. Wide choice of means, realism and nod back makes it very tempting title.


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