A team of scientists exploring uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean, venturing into the field of energy Kong, and has to fight to get away from the original.

Tom Hiddleston Dzheyms Konrad

Samuel L. Dzhaksan Preston North End HP

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Format: MP4 / k264

Time: 1 hour 59mn

Bitrate: 2046Kbps

resolution= (Width / height) pixels 1280k528

Faster image: Remove

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Format: MP3

Bitrate: 128 Kbps

Stations: 2 way

Sample rate: kHz


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Coded / ReleasedBi: ETRG

Title / First Kong Skull Island / 2017

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Type: Action




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this film immerses viewers completely hidden and dangerous home Monkey King as a team of researchers in enterprises deeply subtle, original island.

A team of scientists exploring uncharted island in the Pacific, venturingmoćniKongu in the area, and hadTo fight to get away from the original. Throwed monster hunters lobby the government to fund a trip to an unexplored island in the South Pacific. Under the guise of geological research, the team traveled to “The Skull Island”. On arrival, the group finds it workingyaounaweza hard and wildlife that inhabits the island. Beautiful scenery and deadly creatures create a visually stunning experience that will surely get your attention.

scientists, soldiers and adventurers connecting uistražite fiction neizsledvanaOstrov in the Pacific. tornfrom everything they know, they enter the sphere of power Kong, roast ultimate battle between man and nature. If their function discovery quickly become one of life, we must fight to escape from a world where humanity is not original.

Kong Skull Island 2017


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