Free program for utilities, AS SSD Benchmark determines the performance of a solid-state drive of your computer or smart device. It does not contain at least six separate synthetic tests and three tests of a photocopy. It worked well, or not, a solid state driveYour work and will perform any corrective action that may be required as a result.

Test description AS SSD

Testsintetichki in the software determines the order and read / tuliskinerja each solid state drives for detection. Cardinally, this test is performedWithout the use of a cache operation system, so that the true picture is likely to come to light. For example, in the “No” test software measures how long it takes to write a file, 1 GB, and then read it. There again, the “4K test”, read and write are measured when randomly selectedThe block 4f kilobytes of memory is selected. Another test measures how data is read and ditulistetapi 4KBs, when operations are distributed over 64 subjects. This test should be representative of Native Command Queuing (NCQ) solid state drives, among others such as the difference between the IDE mode – where it is not supportedNCQ – and works in AHCI mode.

Interaction with the AS SSD standard

The technical part of the software used by zaProfesionalna equipment, AS SSD test basically ends. This allows you to change many of the prosesdan tests into something that is easier to understand for comparing one drive to another. AfterSeries of tests, three reading values ​​and recording performance of solid-state drives, the measured output. With ease, test results are transferred to compression in a graphical format, making it easier to select. For example, the x-axis graph shows kompresijapodatocite makes forSome easy reading. In the test sample, which is accessed from the Toolmenyalin menu of the test, the number of the test results folder is created. The computer caches continue to burn for this test, so that you can get accurate readings. Several test tracks mustDemonstrate the efficiency of the drive device with simultaneous operations of reading and writing in various conditions. Another good test is one that shows the performance of compression of solid state drives expressed as a compressibility function of podatocitese data. EssentialThe disadvantage is that the user interface in German is hanyatersedia, which can delay some users. Therefore it’s very easy to operate all the various functions, you do not need to be an expert linguist and install different screens in a sensible way that allows youTo find out exactly what is happening.


This etehnichki services are really useful only for computer engineers trying to diagnose computer problems. For example, this will help you work if the state responds to padatdrive to work slowly or if the problem isWith other components of the computer.


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