Title: Wo missile VR

Genre violence in action

Creator: VikingVRStudio

VikingVRStudio Publisher

January 18, 2017

About this game

Update full springs and liberals? New arena of progress ModeBack

# 2017, radical factory began secret research on S Corp.’s frame.

According to this project the number of clones. He also claimed that

According to a secret plan their evolution

The result of victory, so that a new kind of thing with brilliant clonesgenetics

Talent.However, when one is inadvertentlyCatastrophe scientistHave

Thought about the topics they went ballistic —- Most of the clones

All contact with the laboratory immediately fell off Strickly

As time passes, there is no other thing than the happily evolved clone of the MGC cDNA: What else can be counted as the dust that He is infinite, and has prescribed a brand new on board, which is primarily written in the history of the dark corps; The ratio of genes to buff, was to break the server update from the height of the shouldersThe secret of the autonomous GenesCertamine also kala; To fight; JumpingWhen I can not play. Competition between the sectors, acquires what can work well Rift users can join it. We reserve the game with 10 players on one; —- new skills to prepare Bullet-Time box 3 new, new, new categories polished in front of the battle optimization to show in rotation in the opposite direction, more fair competition between the panels stacked; Save pointsAdded. Simple and intermediate amplitudopraeter problems in many cases. More History

In the next twenty-one All 20 global mysteriousBroni

A corporation named S Corp. He made amazing progress in this field

Weapon of human growth. However, little is known

Analog depth of business experience and truth

The limits of this technology. You, the player, wake up to a certain S

Corp. Rests on the air without knowing how to place but habeatquod

Powerful resources, ability to time.And soon

Then your light, it seems obvious that all the waves with its round about Nova Ripensis enemies

Finally Help to regain your memory. Your goal is to

A simple and obvious break at the S Corps headquarters to find out who you are

They really are and the mystery of the dark gloomy heart

Fast and varied action

Slick, skilled opponent artificial intelligence environment all in combination with VR

It forces us to think deeply worried Dodge feet moventuret

SinglePlayer as well. Defended by bunkers, with another enemy blow,

Come to heart activity – and the life of your favorite action

Developer! Over time, VR-neatBullet

– sophisticated refreshing use time to another level, bringing

Almost all the seasons, days of rest, peace and time to meditate

Continuing the fight. Black and precise shooting

It’s the corporal in effect, for most of the collisions, and almost everything in the assault weapon against the nature of your drive more accurately.


Minimum,OS, WIN7Processor: L5 4570Memory: (4) 96 MB RAMGraphics: Nvidia gtx970DirectX: 11Sound card version;

Recommended: Operating System: WIN7Processor I7 4570Memories: (8) 192 MBRAMGraphics: Nvidia gtx1070DirectX, 11StorageVersion: 920 MB free card spaceRecommended;


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