FIFA 11 is the ultimate party EAS popular series of soccer games. It includes a number of significant progress in FIFA 10, which makes it a realistic simulation of the real thing and a worthy competitor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

I’m blown away by FIFA yesterday, we can hardly imagine how EA’s, slick football sim improve. However, after a few matches of this demo is obviously arent just cosmetic changes.


Perfection gameplay in FIFA 11 football makes you feel morereally. The new Personality + system means that players move and act like they do in the real world. This means, for example, Manchester tied up with Aaron Meyn will close after the ball when the GES does not charge when the strike colleague Dimitar Berbatov is helping more content to wait for something to happen!

Other Tweek Vai support FIFA 11 the most enjoyable of the current version. For example, on the cross, now common to see more than one player run ball. You’ll also notice that playersis slower than that in FIFA 10.

Another important change in FIFA 11 is able to hit that feels natural and adds an extra element gameplay look.

handball introduced in FIFA 11. As patron placed a row, he shot out his hand to prevent it from falling. Handball is a great frequency zaidikisha would be in real life, but you can disable them or provide that they are not in the penalty.

Fifa11 has further refined fragile system that offers more controldistribution of the ball. Pro Passing feature allows you to accurately measure passes this weighting. the concentration of iron is tightened, too, and now you can make a pass lost, click, and moving LOB backspin applied to a ball.

One of the changes we want mpyaadhabu system, which is based on the electrical panel. pointer stop in the right place is very difficult, because the only time to adapt and take uwknop. This makes scoring in FIFA 11, the hardest thing to do.

graphic Tweek

In view of the first FIFA graphics 11Snot unlike once you start seeing ghosts or close-up look versii.Yak end, however, recognize that resemble the player is now more realistic. EA modeled player nyusoKwa using images and facial expressions are far more diverse and vary according to the player.

Another neat addition to FIFA 11 is the ability to use voice downloadenuw yourself in the game. You can record your own songs, add audio to a real team race music and singing to define the function.

through gulniFIFA11it still features plenty of game modes, including officially licensed leagues, presentations, and training large kitaaluma.mabadiliko this time rehashing manager mode, which is now known as the state work together and connect to Be Pro. It is now more concerned with what startals player before becoming player-coach and finally full-fledged manager.

advantage of this new and exciting, as well as super intelligent gameplay, making FIFA 11 kvintesentsyifutbol sim.


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