Name: Flinthook

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Developer: Tribute Games Inc.

Publisher: Tribute Games Inc.

Release Date: 18 April 2017

About this game

Flinthook is a fast action platform with elements of bagels. Become the biggest pirate space with your hookshot, gun and slowmo forces! Zip around with your powerful Hookshot! Free target and throw your giant anchor in gold rings to advance him through the levels at high speeds, giving you the flexibility and efficiency thatNeedy for enemy threats uhylyatysyai 360 through Blasma gun! Shoot enemies with all kinds of fresh hot balls! Actually cool slow motion with authority! To delay the time to set goals or to remove a hard trick – do it often, he loads very quickly, and it will collect you at least 200% through random pirate ship! Each level is specially designed as a procedure with hundreds of handmade rooms, modified versions, filled with extraordinary treasure and populated arbitraryWaves vorohiv.Vystezhyty pirate clan cluster Lord! Feed compass that accurately places the base, and then bring andBounty home. Your competitors are not idiotic space, make sure you’re ready for the challenge! Collect rare and powerful remnants Perks card! All taxes your booty builds its legend – ekipiruye unlock new fringe benefits if you have a level, buy regular updates on the black market, and collecting collectible remnants and Lore pages Reveal Secret Secrets? !! I do not think yesekretyIn this game know? O_OAlready big fan? Click here for the Deluxe Edition for some extra booty! Including: game itself, soundtrack, and then artbook set wallpaper! 23 Track Soundtrack by Patrice Bourgeault100 + page Artbookmet character design, concept art, story, illustrations, sketches and more 4K wallpaper collection – 16 wallpapers image Flinthook, giant anchor devil, sirens, space and anchor designs!

system requirements

Minimum Requirements: Operating System: Vista, or laterProcessor: Intel Core Duo or fasterMemory:2GB RAMGraphics: OpenGL compatible video cardStorage: 300MB of free space


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