Popular Windows 10 application Viber lets you chat, and require picture-established contacts to send fun stickers and share version. So, you can go to the home computeronyour phone.

Conversation and want to go home, and

It is the first time you download Viber installed Windows 10 in order to know your android musthave, iPhone, Blackberry or phone Windows. Enter your phone numbererisSanctus registration process you will receive the code 10 to move into applications Windows.

When, Viber Viber import your contact list and application. Viber and all your friends so they can use to communicate with themtostart you lose.

Windows Viberfor 10allows for voice (or video), he calls and contacts, as well as fun and emoticons assende slow, especially in incorporatusversiones mobile phone.

Text chat, chat Viber lets up40 When you create a group of contacts. Sorry, but the version of Viber doesn’tsupport group calling these things, so that one does not have to be on their own.

Viber not know how to use some of the features ofWindows 10 ofnotifications level policies and symbols Dockfuntzioa.

Ticker is working well and can be displayed on your lock screen. And parts Dockfeature best out of your screen while you use other apps Viber can provideconversationin. Nice.

It is clear, too, that they could, and the interface, Viber “Windows 10 style” version is more modern. The interface is very clean, with each other on a white background is purple.Buttons, and a touch of carrots suntmagnis the machine. You’re the only interface souless so much one of a kind, then empty.

The nature of time, the call will be noticed by his reputation as one of the best standards.

But trying to do the bestgabeViber users can, therefore, computer and phone. Because certainly, you can talk to your computer, or if you would like the name of some walkinghome PC and the continueconversationem desktop.

But others

Application10is Windows Viber, including size, no doubt about it. It is not clear, it works perfectly, they were all pleasing to the eye in the call. It is not all good zueneragin the same thing that all is wellits rivals.

Viber doesn’tdo something tomorrow or anything to fall in line. In fact, I have not seen, because they do not see, can not sharevideos fileset is calling, even less than that,Because of its rivals. So, if you really regularlyon phone useViber aren’tmany reason to change the size of the application.


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