Novell GirlfriendBased half of the same name. `Half girlfriend` word for girls who are not in a relationship would be a boy, two, maybe more than friends, but also can be sent to each lunkuboyfriend` or` girlfriend`, which are common in India. Hiihadithi the Hindi-speaking young man from rural Bihar, Madhava, to participate in an English medium school specializing in Delhi. There he meets a girl in love with the English on talking, Riya. It was the beginning of their relationshipcomplicated.


Classification: NA

For ujumlaTarehe release: 19 May 2017

Type: Drama / Romance

Running time: None

ID: Suraya Film


Directed by:

Format: P2

This romantic coming age when Bihari Boy – Madhava Jha, who is in love with a girl on a Delhi high society – Riya Somani. On the outside, both have no chochotejumla, but as good tsvetySamoe unexpected start when Madhav Wu Riya.

Half Girlfriend 2017


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