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How is it in our website has not been published a new file manager, the day has arrived. If you suddenly decide to download Multi Commander and complete our project newsletter, you will find a good driver so that you can use the file to the sheet system and it is a great alternative to the standard Windows Explorer. Please note that in antique time program pay after the developer decides to be greedyKabisabure, is kanyang scale.

Multi Commander works on the popular and highly effective information support, finds two panels for more convenient working with the file. According to the developers of this information and absolutely everything you need for a job done well on the file, and now a much less time to execute operations more cost-effective. Of course, you will have all the properties state of the file manager, that is, you can copy, move, rename, and execute other operationsOn the selected file.

MultiKamanda has some tampokKaragdagang, for example, there is support for automatic packing files, auto selection, you can browse files, connect the registry to a remote server, that is, there is support for FTP. You can enable all kinds of files to view images, and enable script support to automate a wide variety of features. Multi Commander interface is very easy to use, is not used to a little earlier, seemsIt’s getting too much, but getting used to without the support of Russia, so, to understand the karamihanang environment will not be difficult overall, I like the program and negativity is not caused.

Thanks to tabs, you can open several open tabs on a panel, it’s very easy, just always set. With built-in cabinet, you can see the file faster. Multi Commander allows you to customize the appearance of the interface. You can change the background color, and some other parametersFrom the main window, you can add a separate plug-in program, you wezaruhusa set in different files, do not forget about big asthma, that is, you can not just look at the pictures and documents listen to The sound composition. Overall color Multi Commander can be too long, especially in many of the programs, the official website, you can read about all the details, and I end up with a bit of analysis.

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