Last Life in the 1970s for songs and courage Odyssey two sisters – introverted and rambunctious scandal classical sheet music journalist – it’s terrible secret war, has cast a dark shadow on the rest of their lives to clarify . In 1977, a woman has never been known classical music composer. Sepha milk, and talented young woman who is very open, has worked as a classical composer, but he knew thethe odds against him. However, dead set on changing dahistoriannamatagumpay men in the world of classical music. Nana milk – the sister of anger and pain scandal sheet rival journalists wishing to playwright – a chance to play in this revelation a wonderful liberation from the domination of beregurasoen iliyopita.Sepha sister is tired looking for problems, but in this case but to dojoined the search for the truth Nana. President Sadat of Egypt in 1977

Past Life 2016


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