In real terms, the application automatically creates a slideshow of your photos and videos. The app makes it easy to share videos over cloud storage. Despite the fact that the work is done for you, you can set a photo or video that you want to use,and much more.

Do something with these fatagrafiyamipa phone

The problem in real time, to try to solve Photo and video snimljenena phone or computer. We have a lot of pictures with our phones, but how many of these pictures can really be divided?

realisticallyIt takes the tedium out of a collection of photos and videos to share sdruzey. The app uses an algorithm, which is the actual scan your pictures to decide which ones are best. Clear, dark, or duplicates of photos have been ignored, and the presentation includesonly the best. I found algoritamradi fine for most, but prefers asobamnekalki good shots, except. Fortunately, you can manually add them. If you do not like what RealTimeskurdiu first time, you can press “” REMIK climbing story.

applicationIt has video filters, but they are all very scared. You’d better add your own filters or Instagram VSCO kamerachym use them to create stories in real time.

hajdemoTakođe look Realtime social networks. Your friends and family will receive messages about adding newphotos, videos, or create stories. Fortunately, in real time not to force ainscribirse users. bolshVy can always share their stories in real time with friends who do not have orders. Share your story on Facebook appears as an embedded videothat plays there on the scale of your friends’ time.

During testing, the witnesses nastaleod FIX worked fine on their devices. nyamaneabhodnasts export the video in a specific format. The program automatically converts video for each platform using the RealPlayer technology.

oneThe good thing about real kueel scans photos and videos, even those who have forgotten. He studied the old fatagrafiivesela and success with friends.

Feel free to use, but more with a subscription

In reality it is free to use and comes with 2 GB of free cloud space andlimited to 30 seconds witnesses. Users can get additional 5GB of storage to provide avtamatychnyvodstupy for use. This feature automatically downloads all the pictures and videos in the cloud and automaticamentepode in history. You can set each to share the story, addingmusic, change the transition effects, or change the order of your photos and videos.

Subscribe to getyyabolsh memory and function. up to $ 5 per month subscription network 25 GB cloud storage, while the plan for $ 10 a month gets unlimited storage capacity. Subscribers have the ability to work longerhistory.

For those who do not want to pay for a month, there is a US $ 1 buy in aplicacionpara razblakovtsymagchymasts add photos, change the music, and remove the watermark in real time. It will not unlock all as a signature, but it gives you a few more features.

Speaking of music,there are tons of music stock are included in the app, or you can add your own music whenever you want. Furthermore, it can be a voice for your video to the personal touch. During testing for realtimeAndroid not always trying to add their own music, but I have used the previous version.

moreOne problem I have found that the longer the history of a long export time. I did four minutes gistoryyuyaki took more than 30 minutes to export your IPad.

A simple solution to organize your photos and videos

Real vremenunamerava, to help organize the photos of the messon a computer, tablet or phone, and it works well. Do you get a real chasuvniz mode, as a society. If you want to share your photos and videos bumps your Facebook friends in real-time high. It’s more of a private person, and usually only likes to watch theirphotos, you will get the best that can offer RealTime. Google daeanalagichnyya characteristics to its customers free, subscription činećiRealno difficult task for some.

By automating the organization and share photos and videos, share content socialbutterflies RealTime help easily. You do not preocuparretocar any image or arganizavatspadyalits albums.

If you have tons of photos and video, and do not know what to do with them in real time is an excellent means for pomogneda organize and share them.


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