Rapid Tiping Tutor is a typing program for Windows computers that helps you learn how to give, regardless of the format type on the keyboard.

Learn how you can give a little big experience for newcomers. Most keyboards are not alphabetically structured so that the formatFor those who may appear unfamiliar with these complicated. Rapid Tiping Tutor is too helfen.Ob QWERTY keyboard or anything unusual that less traditional, malomungkintelah Rapid Tiping Tutor keyboard format is preserved and to use the lessons of the entrance. Teaching comes from the Englishin various other languages.

When you select your keyboard settings and your language, it is time to choose the most appropriate lessons for your ability. schnellTiping tutor has everything from basic to advanced. You can choose the lessons you take in which they teach certain letters or lekcijunaučitehow to enter the word berbezaset.

Rapid Tiping Tutor is set-up is simple as it offers a virtual keyboard, along with a pair of hands that have the corresponding setting his hand on the board zeigenIhr your key. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Rapid Tiping Tutor will make a noise when properlyhit the keys. If this is the way, it is possible to turn off the program. If you lepšiŽelim the screen in learning how to give, offers the Rapid Tiping Tutor animasiiang screen to move forward when you click the correct letters.

The only real beneficiaries hang up a mitRapid Typing Tutor is a program thatonly takes up little space on the screen. You will sometimes freeze for a second or two on the screen, especially if you run several programs simultaneously.

If you want to learn how to much higher stopomdati, or Rapid Tiping Tutor trying.


Is it in some non-English versionsWindows, fixed MasalahdenganBold font;

Symbols always shown the lesson schedule;

English courses for professionals updated;

Greek Course for Professionals update (plus symbol is planned); updated thanks to the German, Greek and Russian interface;

Bugsandere small appliances;


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