The Minecraft pre-release is available for all who play on Mac or Windows possession. Lets test upcoming features, and to find errors and eliminate future official releases.

The future of Minecraft

Minecraft is not the only party that constantly developing, but developer Mojang has always been very open to future opportunity usuariosCaracterísticas of the game to try. Anyone with Minecraft can easily install the pre-release.

The current pre-release, BountifulUpdate is full of small adjustments and changesto the game, although there is a large kopstreep not have as previous updates. Minecraft “The update that changed the world of major changes to the worlds of the world are generated, and, of course, brought our horses.

agoramáis easy to use

It really has nothing to lose in the pre-launch Minecraft if you already have the game. You can easily oorskakelEn official release and not be at risk of losing their games stored.

To installthe pre-launch Minecraft, just download the file. Open your Minecraft launcherand press the “New Profile ‘, giving the name of” snapshot “research and box that says” Enable experimental development snapshots.

Nothing to lose

Minecraft prelaunch is really good extra feature of the game official. It’s free, and a good way looked like the game developed.

The update of Bountiful

The latest Minecraft pre-release, the Bountiful ActualizaciónAgregar tons of new blocks,slender arms for the characters, dungeons submarines, and more.


To play Minecraft, you need a license to downloadat the developer’s website.


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