PC users are often surprised by the lack of some of the tools in Windows-u. One such tool is possible to capture the action on the screen, such as viewing or printing. You can take a screenshot, but Theresa is not an innate function to record video. This niche software like to iangpembangunfill, producing programs that are useful for a variety of small tasks. One such program is a free screen recorder, free, as suggested by the title and powerful, lightweight tool.


besplatnoRecorder program is a screen recording for Windows Compact fairly simple,allowing to burn vhatevers happening on the screen. The most obvious use for this, and for production management and performance software eliminates iniperisian.

This program captures audio screen and speakers at the same time, and you can record through the microphone at the top, suitable for teaching. Playerswill be useful to zapisuihrovi staff speaks more atasbahagian.

be pronađenneka switching function, which provides a certain flexibility with the software, for example, or the ability to record the entire screen or only the window (as it does not should multitasking). You can also record teruskamera.You can take screenshots during recording and production in a variety of formats quality products, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and H264.

The record button is pressed

Regarding the use, Screen Recorder good for percumaprogram.Iako shooting can not always be perfect, there are many settingsto adjust and it is very easy to use.

Iouri gave a simple floating window and open the menu with flags for options such as cameras and sources. not even that good, it is very easy and fast. There are many small touches that make life easier and add features, too, such asthe ability to add text and zobrazhenniavodiani mark on the record. toVeoma is important for those who want to record the video training or persembahan.Menambah them later can be quite painful.

You can also add hot keys to start, break and end the recording, which is good, if notTo change the window or click on the search button. For those who want to see the mouse, there’s pilihantetikus visual and sound effects that can make the point culminating in the presentation easier.

This is what Sound-

Screen Recorder is really just a doona it claims to do, not perbincangan.Tiadavalue can download this small program for a few seconds and provide high-speed, one-touch recording devices, which opens up many possibilities.

You can record the game, making presentations or playing with visualpeluang PC. Those looking for a more professional tools may be disappointed, butFree is an excellent choice for otrimatipochalosia him.


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